About me

Hi 👋

I'm Jimmy. I've been told that technically I'm creative, and also I'm creatively technical. Go figure. I make stuff, that's the best summary.

Let's just say I enjoy learning and have been both a specialist and a generalist and they both work.

#photography (#polaroid #pinhole #cyanotype #astro #macro #timelapse)

But this isn't Linkedin. It's a place for me to sell stuff I'm making.

That stuff may appear sporadically and be somewhat eclectic but I've had a lot of folks on Instagram asking where they can buy pen plots so it was time to set this up.

All going well I'll be regularly adding limited editions of pen plots here initially and possibly etchings and photographic prints.

I'm available for commissions too, just get in touch.

I use Instagram to document a lot of what I'm up to.